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RX9 LED Bi-Projector Lens


Voltage: 12V DC

Watt: 36W

Lumen: 6000LM/Lens

Life Span: 50000 Hours

Avaliable Color: 6000K


1, This 2.5 inch LED projector lens adopt high brightness imported LED chips, more stable performance, normative light shadow, safer driving, smarter outlooking than normal HID xenon lamp.

2, Electronmagnetic valve for high-low beam switching. The unique patented technology high low beam optical switching, compliant with ECE R112 standard.

3,High speed cooling fan, excellent aviation aluminum heatsink with good heat dissipation. High-efficiency cooling system reduce light decline,ensure lifespan up to 50,000 hours.

4, Optical lens offer perfect light pattern. Perfect low beam cutline, wide vision and uniform light. Focusing high beam,high light intensity and long irradiation distance, significantly increase your down road vision.

5, Split-type design of electronic driver and lamp, reducing the mutual interference, ensuring stable performance.

6, Direct Plug and Play, easy installation, no need to damage the headlight,ensure the headlight stability, waterproof and safety.

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