Montaje de faros para Nissan Patrol

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1.All these carlight have the same connections and wires with original car.

2. Right hand drive (steering wheel on the Right side of the car & Drive on the Left side of the road);

Left hand drive (steering wheel on Left side of the car & Drive on the Right side of the road);

These head lamps are designed for Chinese Version cars (Left hand drive).

While the positions and the lines for RHD & LHD installation are same. The only difference is the light pattern.If the buyers are strictly on the light pattern, please think over it.

Or we can modify the light pattern to fit for the Right Hand Drive here in China.

However,we need charge an extra fee for it.If you need the RHD version from us,please send message to us before order;Or you can modify that in your own local professional market.

3.The head lamps have the same connections and wires with the original cars. It is play and plug. However,some of cars are sensitive,we recommend buyer to install these headlights by professional installer.

4. LEDs will stay cool situation and longer life span with NONE color fading.

5. The head lamps have the projector lens and the light will be well focused. And they can provide much more energy saving driving condition.

6. We wrap up this light with bubble in one carton.There is a pair headlight

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